Our senior management team have had over 30 years of experience restoring historic buildings. These include but not limited to Royal Household Palaces, Victorian mansion houses and alike

Our approach to restoration is methodical and of course sympathetic, the most interesting part of any restoration is learning the history of the building because each one has its own story and personality.

Restoring buildings has to be a passion not a quest, our team love what they do and have enormous pride in their work. Our history is our heritage for generations to come and Handle Construction are proud to be a part of ensuring our great buildings are there to be enjoyed by all into the next millenium.

Case Study


Due to the nature of the building Handle allocated their senior restoration expert to the task

Contract Period 12 weeks
Completion Date October 2016


This fantastic building had suffered years of neglect with ground levels built above and bridging the existing DPC. Structural cracks were apparent on both sides of the front elevation and over 650 original bricks needed to be replaced one at a time.

Due to the nature of the building Handle allocated their senior restoration expert to the task. Richard spent many hours denoting masonry requirements and sourcing exact matches for bricks and stucco details as well as getting the right people on board.

We utilised a hot wash low pressure cleaning system with non-acidic cleaner fluids combined.
A new DPM was installed together with 719 facing bricks.

All existing box frames were removed and internal collars rebuilt. Fascias and gutters were replaced along with decayed rafter feet and re-slating the main roof in traditional Welsh hand cut quarry slate. The pointing was a specialist lime mortar all hand applied and cut. The reformed stucco work was created on site by our stone masons.

Forward of completion of this sensitive project it has become clear that the building is now a major stand out feature within the street that it sits and continues to be a talking point of a quality example.

Handle Construction are proud of the fact that all labour and materials including sub-contractors were and continue to be locally sourced and employed this is a fundamental part of our ongoing development as a high quality main contractor.


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