Our senior team at Handle have carried out many office, hotel, public house, gymnasia and restaurant fit outs

Fast track should be what it states! Not many of our competitors can achieve this due to using subcontract staff and agency staff who historically are not reliable in such a fast paced requirement.

We offer a single dedicated team, one project manager who has carried out contracts in occupation to the values from £150K to £1.9M over 10 weeks on a floor by floor basis, 6 floors in total.

Previous clients include: JLL, Capital and Counties, GDST1872, The Hilton Group, Crowne Plaza, Pizza Express, John Lewis, Harrods, Esselte, Credit Suisse, BoA, Bank Leumi, Howard de Walden, Crowne Estates and many more.

In the fast track environment communication is everything, if you are considering a project please contact our team early to benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Previous clients include:

JLL Group
Capital & Counties Group
BANK Leumi
Crowne Plaza
Credit Suisse
John Lewis
Hilton Group
The Howard de Walden Estate
Pizza Express


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